We can also provide rollers edged with a double-sided “tape zone”.

The available double-sided widths for the ends of the rollers are: 9, 12, 15, 19 or 25mm.

Just tell us the total roller width and the size of the double siding desired for the various references below.

Zone tape


  • Non-stick – very good slide coefficient – easy to clean
  • Resists temperatures of -200°C to +260°C over time, and peaks of up to +315°C.
  • Odourless and tasteless. Suitable for food contact
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Temperature and pressure variations have no noticeable effects and cause no creep.
  • Very little stretching over time (<1%) and excellent durability.

REFERENCE Standard dimensions THICKNESS in mm % PTFE WEIGHT per m² Fabric sold per m²
in rolls* or to your
specifications for
the manufacture of
your conveyor
208A Width: Max 1300 mm 0.08 53 107
216A Width: Max 1,500 mm 0.13 54 240
216AA Width: Max 1,000 mm 0.15 63 296
228A Width: Max 1,500 mm 0.25 55 455
141A Width: Max 2,600 mm 0.35 63 670
345AA Width: Max 2,600 mm 0.65 44 1100

* the standard cut is 30 metres long and the width of your choice