The laminates are flexible, non-porous, PTFE composites,  that combine the features of multi-layer fluoropolymer cast films with the mechanical properties of fiberglass reinforced fabric. These products feature a fully sintered PTFE surface with excellent barrier properties and provide outstanding performance in applications with severe thermal cycling. In the most demanding applications, especially in the food and chemical processing industries, FIBERLAM products are increasingly replacing traditional PTFE coated fabrics due to superior performance in terms of surface smoothness and release properties, chemical resistance, ease of cleaning, and increased productivity.
Specially formulated fluoropolymer multilayer cast PTFE barrier film brings unique properties to this composite such as long-lasting release and wicking properties for extend useful life.  TECH30RB belt at continuous cooking operation in a contact grill machine.

Product Thickness
Color Applications
TECH10RR  0,10 Red / Red Thermal cycling, including plastic, cooking, harsh chemical
(with silicone adhesive)
(Total thickness)
Red / Natural Packaging industry, platen covers
TECH15RR  0,17 Red / Red UPVC welding
(with silicone adhesive)
(Total thickness)
Red UPVC welding, packaging, platen covers, composites
TECH25RP  0,25 Red / Red Thermal cycling, harsh chemical, cooking, plastic
TECH18RB  0,20 Red / Blue UPVC welding, platen covers
(with silicone adhesive)
(Total thickness)
Red / Blue Packaging industry, platen covers
TECH30RS  0,30 Red / Black Contact Grill Belts
TECH30RB  0,30 Red / Blue Contact Grill Belts
TECH30TT   0,30 Brown / Brown High Performance Belting
TECH40RB  0,43 Red / Blue High Performance Belting
TECH50RB  0,50 Red / Blue High Performance Belting
(Multi-ply fabric/film laminate)
 0,18 Red / Brown Tortilla / Pizza Presses
(Multi-ply fabric/film laminate)
 0,24 Red / Brown Tortilla / Pizza Presses

TECHNIFLON’s unique process of laminating a multilayer PTFE cast film on a fluoropolymer coated substrate produces a pinhole and crack-free surface. Cast film lamination technology prevents oil and fat penetration to substrate. TECH products are highly resistant to bacteria contamination and can be cleaned easily thanks to excellent non-stick surface property. Techniflon cast PTFE film laminated belts successfully performs on contact grill machines such as Formcook, Berief and CFS Twingrill.