A non-stick PTFE coating will not last forever. Depending on its use, the support can become scratched or worn and its performance will suffer.

We can Teflon-coat your parts within around one week, using the best possible method for your application:

Resolving adherence or blockage problems.

  • Reducing friction coefficients.
  • Resisting chemicals…

Ptfe Fep Pfa etfe
Thickness 10.25µ 20-80µ 40-80µ 150-800µ
Temperature 250°C 200°C 260°C 160°C
Food safe Yes Yes Yes No
Various Remains water-proof and offers extreme cryogenic stability
  • Protects metal parts from corrosion, blocking, abrasion and cavitation.
  • Provides electrical and sound insulation
  • Resists organic acids and impacts.

Thickness 150 to 800µ
Temperature Up to 90°C
Miscellaneous Food safe – machining – drinking water certified

Areas of application: Water treatment – Textiles – Agri-food – Automobile

Metallurgy – printing

  • Dielectrical insulation
  • Resistant to chemicals and radiation.

Thickness 150 to 800µ
Temperature Up to 160°C
Various Machinable, food safe

Chemical – Pharmaceuticals – Pipe fittings – Valves – Paper