Pure PTFE is an extremely inert substance. It can only be corroded by alkaline metals and fluorine under high temperatures and pressures.

It cannot be dissolved or even expanded by solvents at admissible service temperatures. Certain fluoride hydrocarbons can expand and gel PTFE at temperatures approaching the crystalline melting point.

And because it’s pure PTFE, it is perfectly non-stick. Here, it’s a solid film rather than a fabric coating, so it has a longer product lifetime while retaining its excellent properties.

It is highly resistant to wear and compression, and offers excellent chemical stability. It is also a good conductor of heat.

These panels are available in thicknesses from 0.5 to 80 mm.

These panels can be “adhesive treated”, meaning that one of the sides is treated so it can receive a support-adapted adhesive.

This product is also available (in certain thicknesses) in rolls, with a standard width of 1200mm and the length of your choice.

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  • Among the lowest friction coefficient of any solid
  • Extremely non-stick
  • Resists temperatures of -200°C to +260°C