Manufacturing your custom, high-temperature conveyor belt

in just 24 hours

Thanks to our technicians’ know how, conveyor belts are realized following each customers’ specifications

(dimensions, edges, joint, guidance systems…) with strengh and obviously optimized lifetime.

Quality and fast delivery are our main production drivers : for repairing existing belt even new production, our team is ready for raise the challenge

within: 24 hours !

Each urgent order send before 10 a.m. will be delivered within the day by taxi, or by express transport day after before 1 p.m.


Industry and usage :

Open mesh conveyor belts are used for drying machines, cooling machines or even others processes where air evacuation is necessary for production.

This kind of belt are used in industries like :

  • Texile (drying / ironing of fabrics)
  • Screen printing
  • Packaging (shrink tunnel).

To answer to many others applications, many open mesh sizes are availables. Check the link here.

* * *

We can also offer belts made from polyester fabric in a 1×1 open weave. These are used in many different industries (food, textiles, packaging, electronics, etc.) and can be used in temperatures up to 150°C.

This is flexible enough to roll around small rollers, and it can even be used underwater.


Industry and usage :

PTFE coated glass fabric belts are used in many industries as : chemical, electricity, aviation, food production…

Joint types

We have also belt without any joint, called seamless belts. Those belts are more mechanically resistant. Joint is most often the weak part of the belt, with those seamless belt, no more break or weakness at that point as no joint.

Those seamless belts are really efficient as fusing press machines conveyor belts. Fore sure belt are black with antistatic properties.

Guiding systems