DESCRIPTION: Black anti-static adhesive PTFE coated fibre-glass

Graphite-coated black anti-static adhesive fabric is manufactured in the same way as the brown PTFE (Teflon) coated fibre-glass, but uses a special black PTFE coating which eliminates any build-up of static electricity during use.

These products are widely used in the textile industry as conveyor belts for presses. Here is a list of our standard references:

Reference Standard dimensions THICKNESS in mm % PTFE WEIGHT per m²
108GP Max width 1000mm 0.08 68 155
216GP Max width 1000mm 0.13 58 255
228GP Max width 1000mm 0.25 57 470

Below are a few examples of our standard products, but if you need a thicker or thinner coating, please call us at 01 69 88 14 30 or write to us at: