Porous PTFE coated fibre-glass is made from a fibre-glass support coated with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)


The coating is perfectly even. It is porous, so allows air to pass through while keeping the transported products on top. This line combines fibre-glass with thinner PTFE coatings to allow volatile gases to escape, and to allow air to circulate for drying and hardening applications in various industries.



 Non-stick – very good slide coefficient

 Resists temperatures of -73°C to +260°C over time, and peaks of up to +315°C.

 Odourless and tasteless. Suitable for food contact

 Chemically inert, PTFE is resistant to all chemical products including acids, salts and solvents, with the exception of fluorides (CaF2) and tri-fluorides at high temperatures and pressures, molten sodium (Na) and potassium (K) and any products which can react with glass.

 Arc resistance of more than 300 seconds.

 Loss factor below 2 10-4 at 60Hz, 1Hz, 106Hz

 Dielectric constancy 2.1 at 60Hz, 1Hz, 106Hz


Table of the various thicknesses

Ref: Standard widths
Nominal thickness
(g / m²)
PTFE content
(N / 5 cm)
208P 1000, 1530 0.06 66 28 800
216P 1030, 1530 0.115 138 22 1200
228P 1030,1530,2600 0.21 278 26 2300
141P 1030,1530,2600 0.32 380 22 3500


This product is sold in standard widths, but we can also cut rolls of 30 metres at the width of your choice.