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Prefered supplier and manufacturer of high temperature belts produced with PTFE or Silicone coated glass fabric.

We a are leader manufacturer on PTFE and silicone coated glass fabric conveyors belts. Our company remains a competitive partner and one of the largest suppliers in Europe for PTFE and silicone coated glass high temperature conveyor belts. We produce according to your specifications.

With more than 25 years’ experience, we provide to each customer a personalized follow-up. Our technicians’ expertise is a strength that permits us to answer quickly and effectively to our customers’ demands and constraints. We proposed high quality PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics adapted to more and more demanding industrials concepts.

We propose a large range of product as: PTFE coated glass fabric for conveyor belt manufacturing,seamless belts, PTFE glass fabric can be sold per sqm or roll ; silicone coated glass fabric; PTFE coating; pur PTFE sheets; PTFE coated glass fabric adhesive, polesther open mesh and so on…

Based in France with a stock on most of common references, we offer an express service: We guarantee shipment within 24 Hours (excluding transportation for out of France customers).

From PTFE to silicone coated glass fabrics most commonly used to more specialized demand; our team is ready to answer to your requests. Get in contact with us..